About Us

Why NEC Energy Solutions?

NEC Energy Solutions (NEC ES) designs, manufactures, and integrates smart energy storage solutions for the electric grid and applications with critical power needs. Its megawatt-scale energy storage and control systems provide greater stability to the grid while maximizing renewable generation. In telecom, datacenter, and other industrial applications, its high performance lithium-ion battery systems provide better value than traditional lead-acid batteries in tough, critical power applications.

NEC ES is widely recognized as a pioneer and leader in the market for utility scale energy storage. NEC ES has extensive experience installing and commissioning commercial grid energy storage solutions with power ratings ranging from 50 kW to more than 50 MW at numerous sites around the world. Our GSS® grid energy storage platform has been deployed in commercial revenue service since 2008, with over 750MW Installed, under construction, contracted or awarded. GSS® systems are serving applications globally that include peak shaving, renewable integration (ramp management), frequency response, frequency regulation and voltage regulation.

Complete Solutions.

We provide innovative and turnkey energy storage solutions that can revolutionize an industry. From the depth of our energy storage chemistry know-how, to the control algorithms to manage and run the system, NEC Energy Solutions has the capability to design game-changing energy storage for diverse applications.  Robust system integration, battery management, thermal management systems, controls software, and ensuring safe reliable operation – from installation to end-of-life – are our specialties.


NEC Energy Solutions provides a range of products from battery modules up to full turnkey energy solutions to enable your application’s success. As a provider of battery systems ranging from 12V to over 1000V, we have the flexibility to not only precisely fit your applications’ energy storage needs with our products, but also provide support for them in the field with a comprehensive service and maintenance offering.

Proven Products.

With products ranging from simple 12V batteries to huge multi-megawatt grid-connected battery systems operating in tough environments like remote mountainous or desert regions, coastal areas, or critical datacenter applications, our products have been put to the test in commercial revenue service, and are unmatched in performance and safety.

Technology Leadership.

NEC Energy’s long experience and fundamental understanding of energy storage technology is the creative force behind product solutions perfectly matched to specific application needs.

Systems Expertise.

Advanced energy storage systems are more than a collection of cells – they are integrated systems requiring deep expertise to unlock the performance and durability offered by the technology. Balancing power delivery, energy duration, product life, and harsh environmental operation requires controls, integration, and testing experience.


Nothing is more important than safety, which must be designed-in from the start, not an add-on or an afterthought. All NEC Energy solutions, from the smallest to the largest, have multiple layers of safety capabilities designed-in.

Environmental Policy.

NECES is committed to promoting and practicing environmental sustainability and ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and its environment.  NECES’s commitment is guided by the following principles:

NECES will achieve its social responsibilities as an enterprise by reducing the environmental impact of its own business activities including the prevention of pollution, and we will strive towards creating a sustainable society, through its environmental management system that will contribute to reducing the environmental impact of society as a whole, by providing environmentally sound products and services.  NECES will comply with all legal requirements and seek new opportunities to improve its environmental system and impact to the environment.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

NECES is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and contractors including the prevention of injury and illness and compliance with all applicable legal requirements. NECES is committed to ensuring a positive experience for our customers and is committed to exercising our safety practices while on customer property.  We are committed to continuously improving our OH & S performance.

Security Management System Policy

NEC Energy Solutions is committed to information security, ensuring customer confidence, maintaining trust, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of secure information.

We meet the requirements set forth in ISO 27001, we have established security objectives and will continually improve the Information security management system.

Quality Policy.

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