Battery Systems

Unparalleled Performance, Life, & Safety

Ranging from standalone batteries to fully integrated battery racks, NEC Energy’s technology and systems expertise enables unparalleled performance, life, and safety for the most demanding energy storage applications. NEC Energy’s deep systems knowledge and experience unleashes the value of advanced lithium-ion technology, whether delivered as a small 12V, 5Ah battery or a 950V, 100kWh rack.

12V35 Front View sm

ALM Lithium Ion Batteries

The ALM® family of advanced lithium-ion batteries delivers exceptional performance, long service life, and robust safety for tough, critical applications. These drop-in alternatives to traditional lead-acid batteries dramatically outperform even the newest advanced batteries.
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Energy Storage Rack Systems

As the building blocks of NEC Energy’s GBS® grid-scale energy storage systems, these racks bring industry-leading capabilities to long energy duration or high power rate applications, with industry-leading performance and inherent multi-layer safety.
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