Rack-Integrated Energy Storage

The Multi-Duration (MD) Energy Storage Rack from NEC Energy Solutions is a fully integrated, multi-purpose battery storage system offering flexibility, reliability, and proven safety for both power and energy-oriented applications.

The MD Energy Storage Rack is a rack-integrated lithium ion energy storage building block of NEC Energy Solutions’s GBS® grid battery systems, available for use as a standalone battery system in grid or commercial applications. The MD Energy Storage Rack is a standardized product that delivers world-class performance and inherent multi-layer safety across a wide variety of high power (high rate) or high energy (long duration) storage applications.

MD Energy Storage Racks include:

  • Battery modules using leading lithium ion technology
  • An integral Battery Management System (BMS) that continuously monitors voltage, temperature, and system conditions
  • Integrated, high reliability and efficient forced air thermal management system
  • Functional safety features provide layered protection at the cell, module, BMS, and rack level
  • CAN bus communications between BMS and higher-level system controls