Battery Systems

NEC Energy’s ALM products are ideal for Tough Critical Applications that require stable performance

Telecommunications Power Systems
 Wireless Tower

Communications gear, whether in public or private networks, must meet critical up-time requirements, despite being deployed in harsh and difficult to access locations. NEC Energy’s battery systems dramatically exceed the performance and life expectations of traditional back-up power solutions, whether in stable, weak, or off-grid environments. For example, NEC Energy’s ALM products are ideal for:

  • Wireless base stations
  • Small cells
  • Cable or fiber outside plant equipment
  • Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS)
  • Private wireless communications (utilities, public safety)
  • Microwave backhaul systems
  • Distributed central office equipment

Off-grid Power Systems
off grid power system

Off-grid power systems demand fast and frequent charge and discharge cycles, often in harsh environments with portability requirements. The ALM family’s long cycle life, fast charging, and light weight are ideal for these challenging applications, which include:

  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Remote mining
  • Distributed sensing devices
  • Electronic road signs
  • Permanent or portable lighting

Medical equipment
Portable medical equipment

Medical diagnostic and IT equipment increasingly relies on advanced batteries for operational portability. However, sidelining equipment for hours to accommodate battery charging or for frequent servicing directly impacts the cost and quality of patient care. The performance and long life of the ALM family maximizes the value of modern medical equipment, including:

  •  Mobile computer carts (Workstations on Wheels)
  • Smart medication dispensers
  • Smart beds
  • Diagnostic equipment

UPS Systems
Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are ubiquitous not only in data centers and small offices, but also in a broad array of industrial applications – anywhere where computers are used in critical applications. The exceptional power delivery capabilities, long life, and light weight of NEC Energy’s battery systems enable UPS systems anywhere they are needed, including:

  • Industrial automation
  • Small-to-medium size data centers
  • Large-scale data center bridge-to-backup
  • Server or desktop UPS systems

Integrated PV solar-storage systems

Advanced battery systems promise to extend the utility of the solar PV systems experiencing rapid global adoption. In residential and small commercial environments with unreliable electric grids, high performance batteries are critical components. The fast charging and long life ability of NEC Energy’s battery systems – even in frequent partial state-of-charge scenarios – are key to effective PV+storage applications including:

  • Remote sites
  • Residential PV systems with weak-grid connectivity
  • Residential or small commercial back-up systems

Medical Mobility

Mobility assistance systems for disabled persons energy storage that delivers consistent high power when needed, light weight and fast recharging. NEC Energy ALM batteries significantly outperform lead-acid batteries in these applications, including:

  • Powered wheelchairs
  • Personal disability scooters
  • Shopper scooters in retail environments

Other Applications

There are many applications that require performance, long life, and safety, even when requiring some combination of frequent and deep charge/discharge cycles, harsh environmental conditions, high power, consistent power delivery across state-of-charge, fast recharging, light weight, and active battery monitoring. Such applications may include:

  • Autonomous robots
  • Security systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Industrial machinery

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