Experience in Energy Storage

12 Years
986 MW
141 Projects
6.626 GWh

Amount of energy shifted and shaped through storage to fit the needs of users

Energy Storage Solutions For A Brighter World.

As the industry leader in smart, efficient, cost-effective energy solutions, we are transforming the energy market and improving social infrastructure around the world. Learn more about which of our cutting-edge products is best for you and discover the enormous benefits of energy storage.

Our experience and expertise are what set us apart.

With more than 12 years experience and over 950 MW of energy storage solutions around the world, we are the industry leader. Our extensive experience and comprehensive expert knowledge is second to none. So, rest assured, when you buy any of our outstanding products, you’re not just buying the product, you’re buying our unparalleled expertise, which is like having years of industry experience right at your fingertips.

Featured ways we’re enabling a better energy future.

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