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How can we help you save and earn money?

We offer a range of expertly designed energy storage applications that will save and earn you money. From reducing demand peaks to stabilizing the grid, all of our applications create zero-emission resources to shape electricity.

Ramp Rate Management

When sun or wind change suddenly, renewable power output can ramp steeply. Energy storage can cleanly and quietly manage ramps without harmful emissions or consumption of water or fuel, unlike fossil fuel generation.

Smoothing and Firming

Energy storage can improve renewable capacity value by storing energy from peaks or from other baseload resources and using it to fill valleys in solar or wind generation output.

Time Shifting

Energy storage can store excess solar not consumed during the day for use at night to deliver clean renewable energy when it is needed, not simply when it is produced.

Demand Charge Management

Installing energy storage at a C&I site can shave peaks off the load profile, saving on demand charges and dramatically reducing electric bills without compromising normal operations.

Time of Use (TOU)

Because utilities can charge different prices during certain times of day, energy storage opens the door to big savings by shifting consumption to low price times regardless of the time of electricity use.

PV Self-Consumption

If not consumed immediately, energy storage can save the energy generated from your PV system for use later.

T&D Support

Energy storage effectively handles peak demand and frees capacity to defer or eliminate traditional T&D upgrades for more efficient use of both capital and existing infrastructure without building new substations, poles, and wires.

Energy Arbitrage

Energy storage creates value while improving the efficiency of the grid by charging when demand for electricity is low and discharging when demand and the price of electricity are high.

Voltage Support

Energy storage provides both real and reactive power because it can be installed almost anywhere. Like closer to problem areas where it more effectively provides voltage support than other resources further away.

Peaking Capacity

Energy storage doesn’t emit pollution, consume water, require fuel lines or delivery, and runs quietly, thus providing peaking capacity more efficiently, reliably, and cleanly than gas peaker plants.

Frequency Stabilization

Energy storage can provide a faster and more accurate response to frequency deviation for better frequency response and regulation, and can ramp up and down faster and easier than traditional generators.