Battery Condition Annunciator

Battery Condition Annunciator.

The Battery Condition Annunciator app will save time, money and lives.

The Battery Condition Annunciator App is the first-of-its-kind mobile application designed to address safety issues in battery storage systems. The app allows firefighters and emergency personnel to improve situational awareness from a safe distance through automation and remote controls. Since it may often be unclear what the source of the hazard is in the battery unit, the app tells the user exactly what is going on in the system and how best to proceed.

What It Does

  • Critical battery condition information is communicated quickly and easily to first responders
  • Parameters such as battery temperature, state-of-charge, and fire suppression system status can help inform first responders of the hazard

How It Helps

  • When first responders arrive at an incident, it may be unclear whether the source of hazard is the battery unit or not by simple visual means
  • Annunciator provides insight into the battery system status with time-stamped information about its condition

How It Works

  • The annunciator collects information from AEROS® and provides it via a website which can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet
  • Quickly access the information by scanning a 2D barcode/QR code or visiting the website. Barcodes and web address can be found at nearby control panels and on the container’s outside surface.
  • Annunciator will display essential information pertinent to the specific storage systems onsite and their safety condition.
  • This information can be used to determine the best course of action; whether it is safe to leave, to further investigate, or to stand clear and allow the safety system to do its job.