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More regions embracing energy storage

Energy storage systems have been rising as a popular technology for pilot projects, but a move to commercialization is also underway. This is always a long process, but as more pilots are successful, more organizations will start to look at large-scale deployments that aren't just experiments, but are expected to deliver immediate value. 

New Jersey is one place where energy storage investments are aimed at delivering meaningful results.

New Jersey storage project to move beyond pilot stage
A recent GreenTech Media report explained that New Jersey is almost ready to move one of its energy storage pilot projects forward to a commercial stage. The initial effort came, in part, in response to a Navigant Research study that projected the long-term benefits of energy storage. Since then, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has moved forward with an official request for proposal that focuses on using energy storage solutions to help improve grid resiliency. To a great extent, this move toward commercialization comes in response to Hurricane Sandy, as the storm highlighted the importance of a more reliable, modern grid.

New Jersey isn't alone in its move to embrace energy storage systems. In fact, one of its neighbors could soon be one of the leading states in the sector.

New York embracing energy storage
New York has already been involved in plenty of discussions pertaining to energy storage investments, but these efforts may ramp up soon. A recent Scientific American report explained that ConEd is working on a plan to increase energy storage use in an effort to improve demand management.

Handling demand management is one of the most commercially viable ways to take advantage of energy storage in the current utility climate.

According to Scientific American, the new program could lead to the New York City area storing as much energy as any state. This could happen as soon as the summer of 2016.

Looking beyond the borders
The United States doesn't have exclusive rights on making energy storage investments, and innovation is on its way to Canada. A report from the Energy Storage Association explained that the Ontario Power Authority recently released its final request for proposal pertaining to a potential energy storage facility project. The goal is to capture proposals from as many sources as possible in an effort to identify the solution providers that could be a legitimate option for future initiatives.

The energy storage industry continues to evolve, and a move away from pilot projects and toward more commercially viable options is at the center of this change.

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