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3 advantages of lithium ion batteries for commercial organizations

Commercial organizations, ranging from large retailers to manufacturers, face considerable pressure trying to maintain fiscal health. Energy costs can pose a major problem in this area, as increased dependence on IT systems and a variety of related trends all make commercial companies more dependent on consistent, reliable and affordable power. Energy storage systems can help organizations gain more control over their energy consumption patterns, making it easier to maintain fiscal health. This is especially true as businesses implement sustainability strategies that include deploying solar panels, wind turbines and similar solutions at commercial sites.

Energy issues are becoming more important for commercial organizations.

Energy storage solutions can play a key role in supporting the efforts to control power costs and maximize the value of sustainability strategies. Three reasons why lithium ion batteries are the best option for commercial organizations seeking an energy storage system include:

"Commercial organizations increasingly need to establish innovative energy strategies to keep power costs under control."

1. Safety
Lithium ion batteries with the right design and system integration can provide an extremely safe solution that is, with the right integration system in place, immune to common problems like thermal runaway. A variety of safety features packed into advanced lithium ion batteries can ensure that your energy storage system will function without risk for years on end, providing the necessary reliability for organizations that cannot afford the risk of safety-related incidents.

2. Rapid cycling
The cycle of discharging stored energy and charging the battery is the primary function of any battery system. Lead acid solutions face significant limitations when it comes to cycling, requiring you to gradually discharge power and wait an extended period to recharge the batteries. Lithium ion batteries complete this cycle much more quickly, allowing you to deliver energy immediately to meet diverse needs and recharge batteries quickly to ensure backup resources are available almost immediately after the storage solution has been used. This is especially vital for commercial organizations that want to use the battery system to backup grid resources in an emergency.

3. Low TCO
The total cost of ownership of lead acid batteries can add up quickly as high maintenance costs and a need to replace systems after a relatively short period leads to significant expenses. Lithium ion batteries are more reliable over time, hold their charge more effectively and remain viable solutions significantly longer than lead acid systems – they can often last years longer. The result is a much lower TCO, a valuable benefit for commercial organizations that need to focus on the bottom line.

Commercial organizations increasingly need to establish innovative energy strategies to keep power costs under control and improve energy sustainability. Lithium ion batteries offer a variety of advantages when trying to support these goals.

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