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3 unexpected places to deploy batteries

Lithium ion batteries have long been gaining ground in everything from your phones to cars, and the power industry is beginning to embrace the technology for energy storage. This is evidenced across both large-scale grid systems and smaller, commercial deployments in which consumers or private businesses use batteries to support their energy strategies. The result is a situation in which lithium ion batteries are popping up in all kinds of places where you wouldn't normally expect them. Three unexpected places where batteries are becoming more popular include:

1. In the most inhospitable climates
Many battery deployments end up in some of the harshest environments in the world. Research organizations, raw materials companies, explorers and similar entities often end up needing consistent, reliable power in places like the arctic, harsh deserts or unsettled islands. There are many flexible renewable power generation technologies that are useful in these environments, but organizations and research teams operating in these areas need reliable power, and intermittent renewables are variable by nature. Lithium ion batteries can be housed in such a way that they can withstand these extreme conditions and provide an alternative or backup power source.

"You may be surprised by some of the places you'll find lithium ion batteries."

2. In a basement
Finding a sophisticated, intelligent lithium ion battery isn't exactly what you'd expect when walking into the basement of your neighbor's home, but consumer battery deployments are becoming more popular as rooftop solar panel deployments rise. Many solar companies and utility providers have begun helping customers deploy lithium ion batteries to store excess power that is generated during peak hours, allowing that energy to be available at other times.

3. On a telephone pole
Telephone lines have one unique advantage over other communications systems – they are built with small power sources that allow users to make calls even if there is a power outage. This leads to power supplies being installed on power lines. However, telecoms need an efficient backup source in the event that those supplies become unavailable for any reason. Lithium ion batteries have emerged as a reliable, cost-efficient backup energy source for these types of deployments. Furthermore, they are safe, can withstand exposure to the elements and capable of discharging energy quickly if needed during an emergency.

You may be surprised by some of the places you'll find lithium ion batteries. As energy storage becomes more pervasive, it is important to think about how you can create value through the technology and find the right solution for your specific needs.

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