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3 reasons experience matters when choosing an energy storage provider

Utility operators are facing growing pressure to modernize their grid configurations. Energy storage systems can play a critical role in this process, and a variety of industry conditions are pressuring utilities to embrace innovation. Making a decision on new batteries can be daunting, but you don't have to be intimidated by this process.

Some leading energy storage providers take a highly consultative approach to the sales process, but that is only the first step to finding success. Consultancy can take your project to another level when you are working with an experienced energy storage provider. The complexity and uniqueness of energy storage projects makes vendor experience especially valuable. Three of the most important reasons to work with an experienced vendor include:

1. Giving you a solid foundation
Every energy storage project is a bit unique, but utilities often share common foundations behind their projects. They are often using the technology in similar ways, face the same problems and must deal with comparable standards and regulations. Of course, there are nuances and specialized requirements that make each project completely different, but the common ground across different projects makes vendor experience invaluable.

An experienced vendor can give you stability within the core framework of the energy storage initiative, making it much easier to build out from a foundation that is valuable on its own.

"An experienced vendor will do more than just put batteries in place."

2. Providing an understanding of alternative value potential
It is often possible to use energy storage systems in diverse ways, making it much easier to maximize potential value creation. In many cases, utility operators will have a single core reason for implementing energy storage – a new standard is pushing energy innovation or reliability advances, for example.

As we already mentioned, an experienced vendor can help you establish a solid, stable system to meet that need based on proven projects. From there, however, that solution provider can also help you identify alternative ways to maximize the value of your project and create potential revenue streams.

3. Dealing with unexpected circumstances
Major changes are always difficult in the energy sector. The economy, not to mention individual people, are so dependent on utility infrastructure that utilities can't afford to run into any unintended consequences from changes in the grid. You need to make sure that any alterations to your system will go without a hitch, and an experienced energy storage provider will understand the implications of various decisions pertaining to the configuration of your system.

Choosing the right battery is only the beginning of a successful energy storage project. A diverse range of factors can impact the way your batteries integrate with the grid. Furthermore, the potential revenue streams and reliability gains that come with an energy storage solution can be stifled by an initiative developed with tunnel vision. An experienced energy storage system vendor will do more than just put batteries in place. They provide the integration skills, service and consulting you need to make sure you get the maximum value out of your investment.

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