DSS® Product Overview

Introducing the DSS® Distributed Storage Solution

NEC Energy Solutions has developed the DSS® platform to support advanced service creation at the grid edge, whether in front or behind the meter, for C&I enterprises and distribution utilities. It is a scaleable, smart, simple, compact, safe, cost-effective distributed energy storage solution.


Proven Battery Technology

• The DSS® platform uses proven industry-leading lithium-ion battery storage technologies, leveraging years of operational experience of NEC Energy Solution’s leading GSS® product lines.

• Choose desired energy storage capacity: 85kWh per energy storage bay, and single to 6-bay pre-engineered options available for a range of 85kWh to 510kWh per enclosure.

Flexible Power Conversion Options

• Pre-integrated, 4 quadrant, bi-directional inverters are available within the DSS® systems.

• Choose desired power level: Remote-mounted 100kW, 280kW, or 650W component PCS options, all provided as fully integrated, ready-to-install systems.

Powerful AEROS® Controls

• NEC Energy Solution’s AEROS® Controls is provided with every DSS® system for autonomous or manually scheduled operating modes and command and control via industry-standard secure protocols.  Applications include:

– Demand Charge Reduction
– Peak Shaving
– Load Limiting
– Current Limiting
– Frequency Response
– Frequency Regulation
– Volt/VAR Support
– Renewable Ramp Rate Management

• Communications Protocols Supported Include:

– Ethernet/IP
– Serial (RS-485)
– Modbus
– DNP 3.0
– IEC61850

• Remote Monitoring feature provides data collection and data historian options with GPS-synchronized timestamping.

• Multi-user access and configurable access rights with both local and remote user interfaces available

Pre-Engineered Environmental Control

• Mechanical system optimization and serviceability maximizes overall system life and availability.

• All configurations come in outdoor-rated, NEMA4/IP65 enclosures.

• Three different size enclosures to choose from.

• Ambient operational range from -25°C to +50°C with optional cold weather package available.

• DSS pre-engineered systems leverage NEC Energy’s years of experience developing systems used in harsh environments around the world.

Robust Safety

• System safety can never be compromised, and DSS® systems use the same multi-level safety approach — at the cell, module, rack, and system level — for which NEC Energy Solutions is known.

• Onboard integrated fire suppression available as an option.

Installation Simplicity

• DSS® systems are designed for fast, straightforward installation by typical commercial electrical contractors.

• Convenient utility interface cabinet simplifies electrical installation and maintenance.

• Integrated top-lift (crane) and bottom-lift (forklift) points for convenient handling and positioning of enclosures.

• Power and communications connections are conventional and common to standard industrial grade facility products.

• Most installation hardware provided as part of equipment package.


For C&I Customers
Energy Cost Optimization Energy Resiliency

·         Demand charge management

·         Enhanced demand response

·         Time-of-use electricity rate management

·         PV integration

·         Back-up power

·         Power quality assurance


For Distribution Utilities

Efficient Utilization

·         Local congestion relief at substations and feeders

·         Voltage/VAR support

·         Ancillary services

Distributed Asset Control

·         Dispatch-ability of C&I load and distributed generation