MD Energy Storage Technology

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The MD energy storage technology delivers power economically over a broad range, from 15 minutes to 4 hours. High power capability combined with lower cost energy storage capacity, along with excellent durability and service life make the MD ideal for most applications. This standard, configured-to-order and repeatable product provides high reliability, safety, and availability at an attractive total cost of ownership.

MD Key Benefits:

NEC’s MD is a low risk, high performing, and economic option for many grid energy storage applications. The MD offers customers and AC-ready grid storage product with the following benefits:

Excellent Power and Energy Cost

  • Higher power with fewer batteries due to high power capability lowers capital expense per unit power ($/kW)
  • Lower cost of energy storage allows long duration: up to 4 hours or more at lower capital expense per unit energy ($/kWh)
  • Standard, repeatable design reduces costs associated with custom built products
  • Superior cycle life lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing battery replacements even with high energy throughput applications

What can it be used for?



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Renewable Integration

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