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NEC Energy Solutions – Industry Recognition

October 6, 2016

Massachusetts Town Breaks Ground on a Resilient Energy Storage System

The town of Sterling, Massachusetts will celebrate its Municipal Light Department’s new energy storage system with a groundbreaking ceremony next week. The occasion is literally groundbreaking, not just for the town or the state, but for New England. The project is the first utility-scale energy storage facility in Massachusetts and will be the largest battery installation of its kind in New England, in terms of megawatt hours.  Read More >>

June 25, 2015

NEC Energy Solutions sees global market emerging

“NEC Energy Solutions (NEC) is developing energy storage projects in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa as increased power generation from renewable sources mix with high fuel costs to create market openings in the regions, the firm’s CEO Bud Collins told us yesterday in an exclusive interview. Both regions have “a lot of solar being deployed,” and since it is non-dispatchable, “you need some assets to complement it,” Collins said.”  Read More >>

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November 2, 2015

Proxion Solutions expands in Myanmar

“Not all the Lithium batteries are the same. We needed a market leading battery as part of our systems”, comments Mr. Jarmo Nyman, Area Director of Proxion Solutions Ltd, pointing out the reasons why the NEC Energy Solution batteries are used as the energy reserve and the building block of the system. “The battery is very small and light weight, and operates extremely well over a wide temperature range. It has a high energy density, is fast charging, and provides market leading cycle and calendar life.”  Read More >>