Mobile tower construction highlights the need for energy storage systems

November 11, 2014

Mobile tower construction highlights the need for energy storage systems

Telecom base stations, radio signal towers and other types of mobile towers are being built at a rapid pace around the world. These sites depend heavily on consistent power, something that can be difficult to deliver as backup power resources are often difficult to deploy in these settings. Lithium ion batteries are emerging as an ideal solution for backup power at base stations because they are safe, incredibly reliable and capable of withstanding a variety of environmental conditions.

The importance of batteries to support mobile tower construction plans is especially clear in light of the rapidly growing nature of the sector. Telecoms are building out new mobile infrastructure at an accelerated pace, and this trend is growing around the world.

Mobile tower construction accelerating
A recent Mobile World Live report explained that major agreements to build new mobile towers are being signed all the time, and this growth creates incredible opportunities across the sector. A few significant deals highlighted by the news source include:

  • Oi announcing plans to build approximately 30,000 towers in Portugal.
  • A joint venture between three companies in China will lead to the deployment of 600,000 towers that will be used for network sharing.
  • Etisalat Nigeria sold 2,000 towers to IHS Holdings.

Speaking of IHS Holdings, the company recently announced a major new round of investment as the organization has obtained significant capital for new projects.

IHS Holdings a clear example of expansion in the mobile tower sector
According to a recent Fierce Wireless report, IHS Holdings has obtained $2 billion in equity and the ability to obtain up to $600 million in loans. Issam Darwish, CEO for IHS Holdings, explained that the funding will play a vital role in ongoing expansion efforts.

“The contribution of our investors significantly strengthens our position and the ability to move into the next phase of growth and development with confidence,” Darwish told the news source. “We are clear in our ambition to play a leading role in the creation of the widest, most efficient and reliable mobile networks in Africa”

Mobile towers and batteries, a perfect match
Lithium ion batteries are an ideal energy storage option for mobile towers. Telecoms can use small wind generation systems, solar panels or the local grid to charge the batteries, making them available as a backup solution in the event of a power outage. This ensures efficient, cost-effective reliability in an industry that is incredibly dependent on being able to deliver consistent services to customers.