Orange, CA

Orange, CA  –  2.5 MW / 3.9 MWh GSS®

The Distribution Energy Storage Integration (DESI) Pilot #1 consists of a 2.4MW, 3.9MWh Grid Storage Solution (GSS®) which features a lithium-ion battery system from NEC Energy Solutions to support a local distribution circuit in Orange, California.  NEC Energy Solutions provided 40 long duration battery racks, a bi-directional power conversion system, step-up transformer and switchgear and connects to the local 12.47kV distribution circuit.  Sited on a compact easement on a private industrial property, DESI Pilot #1 mitigates intermittent circuit overloads.

DESI▐  Distribution Grid Support

▐  40 LD Racks in mech, Elec Equip room

▐  PCS with LAHE

▐  480V / 12.47 kV step-up Transformer

▐  12 kV Switchgear

▐  Operational since May 2015

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