Johnson City, NY

Johnson City, NY – 8MW/2MWh GSS®

The Johnson City project in New York state was our first significant commercial installation in the United States. Only 8MW of the planned 20MW was actually installed for our customer due to NYISO frequency regulation pricing uncertainty, with the other 12MW kept in storage. After a major flood in September 2011 that damaged all four containers, they were refurbished, and in August 2013 all 20MW were transplanted to Dayton, Ohio for participation in the PJM frequency regulation market, earning more revenue for our customer there.

▐ Frequency Regulation

▐ 8 MW Installed Power Capability

▐ 2 MWh Installed Energy Capacity

▐ Four Containers with Integrated Inverters

▐ External Chillers and Transformers

▐ Refurbished after a major flood Sep 2011

▐ Relocated all ten containers to a different location in August 2013

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