Atacama, Chile

Atacama, Chile – 12 MW / 4 MWh GSS®

The installation in Los Andes was the first multi-container deployment of energy storage and was capable of 12MW ouptut with 4MWh of energy storage capacity and has been operational since 2009. In addition to being located in the Atacama desert in the Andes mountains in Chile, also known as the driest place on Earth, it was hailed as one of the best performing primary reserve units in Northern Chile by the system operator, CDEC-SING in 2011. We delivered and installed the equipment, and provide service and maintenance for the Los Andes site to our customer, a key power producer in Chile. With this system, our customer is able to free existing capacity of one of its coal-fired generators, increasing its revenue, while the GSS grid storage solution provides the generator’s primary reserve obligation to CDEC-SING.

▐  Primary ReserveLos Andes Chile3

▐  12MW Power Capability

▐  4MWh Energy Capacity

▐  8 Battery Containers

▐  Integrated Inverter and Cooling

▐  Operational since 2009


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