Grid Energy Storage

Grid Storage Solution


The GSS® is a fully functional, turnkey grid energy storage system that is configured to order, installed, and commissioned by NEC Energy’s expert team.  Made from a scalable set of modular components spanning energy storage, power conversion, and controls, the GSS is a flexible and adaptable solution for grid energy storage applications. Learn more

Energy Storage Technology

A core function of the GSS® is the storage of electrical energy.  As an energy storage integrator, NEC Energy has a portfolio of different energy storage technologies, each with unique characteristics.  These energy storage technologies are integrated into the GBS®, a DC energy storage system which can be packaged in standard shipping containers, custom enclosures, or installed inside pre-existing or new construction buildings.

HR Energy Storage Technology

Ideal for high power applications like frequency regulation, renewable ramp management, or frequency response, the HR technology has a 4:1 power to energy ratio and is typically deployed in systems with 15 minutes of runtime with exceptional durability and cycle life. Learn more

LD Energy Storage Technology

Designed for applications requiring an hour or more of runtime, the LD technology provides the same exceptional durability and cycle life as HR, but at 1:1 power to energy ratio that can allow installation of over 100MWh of storage per acre of land. Learn more

Command and Control

AEROS® Controls

AEROS®, NEC Energy’s advanced controls system, offers simple yet sophisticated algorithms for precise control of energy storage. Learn more

Power Conversion

AC/DC and Back Again

Convert AC power into DC for storage, and return it back to AC for interconnection with the grid.  Power Conversion equipment is critical for ensuring efficient, timely absorption and delivery of power to the grid.  NEC Energy’s GSS is designed for seamless operation with power conversion systems from leading manufacturers for no-hassle interconnections.

End-to-End Service and Support

Of course, the technology is not the whole story.  Expertise and know-how are required to get the most out of energy storage, and NEC Energy can help!

Analyze Your Application

Let NEC Energy take a look at your application and provide recommendations for configuring the GSS appropriate for your needs.  Don’t guess – size the energy storage right for your application.  Learn more.

Install and Commission

Once a GSS is sized and configured, NEC Energy can either handle all the planning, installation, and commissioning, or work with you to clearly split up the responsibilities, making it simple to deploy energy storage at your location.  Learn more.

Service and Maintenance

After the GSS is installed and commissioned, NEC Energy can provide a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and service as needed to maintain its target availability and uptime, keeping it online and in-the-market.  Learn more.

Now What?

You probably have a lot of questions specific to your situation.  What can energy storage do for me?  What type of energy storage is best for my application?  How much do I need?  How much will it cost to own and operate?  What do I do if I have problems during operation?

No problem.  We’re here to help.

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