GSS® Grid Storage Solution

About the GSS®REE_clean (sm)

The GSS® is NEC Energy’s factory assembled, configured-to-order, modular, grid-interconnect AC-ready energy storage system. Today, GSS installations are deployed to support grid reliability through system balancing, participation in ancillary services markets, enabling renewable integration, T&D support and peak shaving. GSS has been in commercial operation since 2008 demonstrating unrivaled availability and performance.

Each GSS® is an integrated solution including energy storage, power conversion and our proprietary AEROS® controls suite that reaches down to the battery cell and up to the utility’s SCADA or other supervisory controls providing seamless management of the storage asset. The GSS® architecture offers parallel redundancy for better system reliability with high availability and field serviceability. The GSS® is configured to meet each and any project’s specific requirements for energy, power and service applications.

The GSS® is made up of three key components:

1. GBS®

The GBS®, or Grid Battery System, is the heart of the GSS®, and contains Energy Storage, Battery Management System, and also houses the Controls.  It is designed for mass production, factory-built and tested, and shipped to site for quick installation. Learn more


AEROS® provides simple and powerful controls to operate the GSS® at optimum performance levels. Learn more

3. Power Conversion System

The power conversion system is an integral part of the GSS®and converts AC electricity into DC electricity and back again.  NEC Energy Solutions has ensured that the power conversion systems used in the GSS® are designed for seamless operation with GBS® and AEROS® with no hassle.

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