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About NEC Energy Solutions

NEC Energy Solutions Overview

About NEC Energy Solutions

Product Datasheets

12v35 ds thb

ALM® 12V35 Datasheet

ALM® 12V7s Datasheet

48V100K Customizable Battery Kit




ALM User Guides

12V35 User GuideALM® 12V7 User Guide

ALM® 12V35 User Guide





White Papers

ALM white paper thb

When it comes to powering your AGVs, charge time is more important than runtime and uptime is king

Batteries for Tough, Critical Applications:  ALM® Product Line vs. Lead-Acid

Li Ion Battery Safety White Paper






Application Notes

Application Notes

NEC Energy Solutions  ALM® 12V35 Batteries with  Morningstar Solar Charge Controllers

Performance and Service Life Advantages ALM® 12V7s for Electric Grid Substations

Performance and Service Life Advantages ALM® 12V35 for Medical Carts

Performance & Service Life Advantages of the ALM® 12V7s in UPS Systems

Service Life & Cost Advantages of the ALM® 12V35 for Off-Grid Lighting and Signage Systems

Performance & Cost Advantages of the ALM® 12V35 for Weak/Off-Grid Base Station Power Systems


Package Outlines

package outline thb

ALM® 12V35i Package Outline

ALM® 12V7s Package Outline




12V35 load test video thb

NEC Energy Solutions’ ALM® 12V35 Performance, Long Life, and Safety Overview

NEC Energy Solutions’ ALM® 12V35 demonstration of 4-series & 10-parallel battery array

NEC Energy Solutions’ ALM® 12V35, the reliable and safe replacement for lead acid batteries

NEC Energy Solutions’ ALM® 12V35 demonstration of 4-series & 10-parallel battery array

NEC Energy Solutions’ ALM® 12V35 under voltage and over voltage demonstration

ALM® 12V35 load and short circuit demonstration

Building a Better Battery



NECES WebinarMaking the Switch to Lithium-ion Batteries




Certification thb



ISO 9001-2015

ISO 14001-2015

OHSAS 18001-2007







GregT thb

Greg Tremelling:  The electrical engineer who worked his way up





Battery Storage – Needed at Every Level of the Mobile Network

NEC TCO Advantage