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Thank you for your interest in NEC Energy Solutions Resources. As the trusted experts in energy solutions, we are pleased to offer the following collection of articles, whitepapers, brochures, videos and product documentation.  Please contact us if there are other topics you would like us to cover.  You can also view our other resources.

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NEC Energy Solutions Overview

About NEC Energy Solutions


DSS® Product Brochure

GSS® Product Brochure

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Data Sheets

GSS® LD Data Sheet

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White Papers

Wind Power White Paper thb

Comparing the Upfront Costs of Energy Storage

Development and practical use of a Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS) metric

Li Ion Battery Safety White Paper

Safety First; Required Industry Practices to Enable the wide-spread Adoption of Energy Storage



 Case Studies

T&D Thb

Grid Energy Storage Application Case Study – Peak Shaving

Grid Energy Storage Application Case Study – T&D Support

Grid Energy Storage Application Case Study – Frequency Response

Grid Energy Storage Application Case Study – Renewable Ramping

Grid Energy Storage Application Case Study – Primary Reserve

VIdeo-Advanced Energy for the GridNEC Energy Solutions Grid Energy Storage 2017

Energy Storage and Wind Generation

GBS® Technology

Grid Storage Project Experience

How Grid Storage Works Animation

Timely New Video Shows Cities and Towns How Energy Storage Can Protect Critical Facilities During Extreme Storms while Saving Money



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ISO 14001-2015

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GregT thb

Greg Tremelling:  The electrical engineer who worked his way up