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Why NEC?

Being the best is being more than batteries.

When it comes to energy storage and increasing value, smart solutions go well beyond battery hardware. They require advanced intelligent technologies, innovative thinking, and superior market capabilities. That’s where we come in. As the industry’s technology leader, we are relentless about creating the safest, most reliable, and versatile integrated energy storage solutions that consistently deliver cost savings and overall value. Plus, as a Global Fortune 500 company, our unparalleled presence and success around the world provide added assurance that every advanced solution we create, always performs as promised.

What is an NEC Energy Storage Solution?

Our System integration equals better ROI.

The head, heart, body and soul of our system integration is expertise, software technology, hardware and industry leading safety & reliability. With unique smart technologies, advanced battery systems, and cutting-edge market and design expertise, we are relentless about creating the most optimal and reliable energy solutions that consistently deliver value. Incorporating fully integrated energy storage solutions into your specific energy system needs is key to what we do and to saving and earning you money.

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Our Storage Solutions:


Expert Consultation During System Design.

As energy storage experts, our consultation and superior system designs are the head of our integration solutions. Everything we create is configured to your specific needs. From utility, to commercial & industrial, to renewable integration applications, we have you covered with our years of experience and expertise.

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The Smartest Controls Suite in the Business.

Our intelligent, proprietary AEROS® Controls Suite is where electricity meets digital. It is the heart of driving value through our integrated solutions. Comprised of AEROS® Core, AEROS® Controls, and AEROS® Command, the AEROS® Controls Suite provides full command, control, monitoring and management functionality to a single energy storage asset or a fleet of assets located anywhere in the world. The AEROS® Suite enables you with better and more accurate integrated command and control functionality, with better and more accurate information on predictive maintenance, operating costs and more importantly, battery degradation.

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The Battery Storage System Unlike Any Other.

The body of our energy storage solutions is the battery storage system field-proven over 10+ years and tempered by 4 generations of design improvements. Our battery storage system isn’t like any other. It is driven by our proprietary battery management system with a host of safety and performance protocols all managed by our proprietary AEROS® software platform. And it can be packaged in purpose-designed and built, ISO compliant containers, custom enclosures, or installed inside pre-existing or new construction buildings depending on your need.

With a 120 year old, Fortune 500 corporation behind you, NEC has your back when it comes to our warranty and guaranties making our hardware more dependable all backed by NEC.

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Safety & Reliability

Safety and Reliability Are Priority One.

System integration is essential to improved energy storage safety, the soul of our offering. As the industry leader in energy storage safety, our tested and certified multi-layer safety systems are second to none. Through extensive engineering, simulation, testing and analysis, our systems are designed and built with multiple layers of protections from failures and unsafe conditions. That makes your NEC energy storage solution the safest, most reliable in the business.

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