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The Smartest Controls Suite in the Business.

Our intelligent, proprietary AEROS® Controls Suite is where electricity meets digital. It is the heart of driving value through our integrated solutions. Comprised of AEROS® Core, AEROS® Controls, and AEROS® Command, the AEROS® Controls Suite provides full command, control, monitoring and management functionality to a single energy storage asset or a fleet of assets located anywhere in the world. The AEROS® Suite enables you with better and more accurate integrated command and control functionality.

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AEROS® Suite

Where Electricity Meets Digital

Together, the AEROS® Suite provides full command, control, monitoring and management functionality to energy storage assets located anywhere in the world.


Energy Storage System Operating System

AEROS® Core is a proprietary, tiered software control system for the NEC battery systems. The tiered computational capability of the system allows for full, independent site level management with extensions for optional remote, cloud based functionality.  AEROS® Core provides system integration and control, active management and monitoring, a P/Q response capability and user interfaces to monitor state conditions, safety controls and alarms.

AEROS® Core integrates all Energy Storage Assets (PCS, ESS, Meters, Protections, Cooling, etc) into a unified Energy Storage Power Plant.

What is included?

BMS • Firmware, Site and Zone Controllers • Network Infrastructure • Local User Interface • Basic Energy Management System (EMS)

AEROS® Controls

Integrated Controls for On Site Energy Storage Operations

AEROS® Controls are a suite of site level autonomous operating modes or applications that are seamlessly integrated into the base AEROS® Core infrastructure. AEROS® Controls are site level operational control algorithms that enable closed loop or autonomous system operation. AEROS® Controls will command the system power in response to measured conditions or an external stimulus including utility market dispatch signals. In each of the available modes of operation, AEROS® Core monitors and manages internal conditions related to availability, safety, and system life.

What is included?

Individual Autonomous Operating Modes • Seamless Integration into AEROS® • Operating Mode Improvements and Upgrades • Technical Support by NEC

AEROS® Command Services

Remote Energy Storage Management Platform

AEROS® Command Services are a set of capabilities and services offered by NEC that can enhance distributed control, dispatch, monitoring and maintenance of a single energy storage system or a fleet of systems.

What is included?

Enhanced Tools and Features Seamlessly Integrated into AEROS® • Warranty, Data & Remote Support