For Behind-the-Meter

Enhanced energy management services. Made possible by energy storage.

The relationship between utilities and their commercial & industrial (C&I) customers is rapidly changing: C&I enterprises are becoming electricity producers as well as consumers, and profit from actively managing the shape and timing of their energy use. Distributed energy storage is empowering next-generation energy storage-based services on both sides of the electricity meter: reducing energy costs and increasing resiliency for C&I enterprises, while improving efficiency, predictability, and dispatch-ability of distributed assets for utilities that serve them.


For Energy Bill Reduction

Reduces energy costs – Distributed energy storage can enable more economic energy and power consumption

• 50% or more of electricity costs may come from utility demand charges
• Demand charges are typically determined by the peak electricity consumption rate (“peak power demand”), not the total amount of electricity consumed.
• Reducing demand peaks can result in major energy cost savings
• AEROS® Controls offer a sophisticated demand charge management operating mode leveraging tariff-aware predictive analytics to maximize the achievable economic savings

For Renewables (PV) Integration

Enhances energy generation – Distributed energy storage can enhance local energy generation, such as that from C&I solar PV deployments.

• Increasing the opportunity for self-consumption by time-shifting of energy/load
• Firming and smoothing intermittent generation output
• Deeper cost savings by addressing demand peaks made easier to reduce by PV generation
• Simplifying the local utility interconnect requirements, in some scenarios

For Enhanced Power Resiliency

Energy Security – Distributed energy storage can minimize the impacts of weak grid power

• Distributed energy storage is capable of renewable generation capacity firming and smoothing
• Provide back-up power if grid power is lost
• Enable distributed renewable generation like solar PV to operate during an outage

Services from the Grid Edge

Distributed Grid Services – Distributed energy storage can provide system-level grid services from the edge of the grid, including:

• Distributed ancillary services, including frequency response and frequency regulation for balancing the grid
• Local grid congestion relief and infrastructure upgrade deferral
• Voltage/VAR support
• Distributed generation capacity firming and ramp management

Beyond the Grid

True Energy Independence – Distributed energy storage integration with off-grid and microgrid power systems enables delivery of many of the same services outlined above for true energy independence and unparalleled resiliency.

Introducing The DSS®

NEC Energy Solutions has developed the DSS® platform to support advanced service creation at the grid edge, whether in front or behind the meter, for C&I enterprises and distribution utilities. It is a scaleable, smart, simple, compact, safe, cost-effective distributed energy storage solution.

DSS® Key Benefits

DSS installation example

Proven Battery Technology

  • The DSS® platform uses proven industry-leading lithium-ion battery storage technologies, leveraging years of operational experience of NEC Energy Solution’s leading GSS® product lines
  • Choose desired energy storage capacity: 85kWh per energy storage bay, and single to 6-bay pre-engineered options available for a range of 85kWh to 510kWh per enclosure

Flexible Power Conversion Options

  • Pre-integrated, 4 quadrant, bi-directional inverters are available within the DSS systems
  • Choose desired power level: Integral (provided as one unit) or remote-mounted 100kW, 280kW, or 710kW component PCS options, all provided as fully integrated, ready-to-install systems

Powerful AEROS® Controls

  • NEC Energy Solution’s AEROS® Controls is provided with every DSS system for autonomous or manually scheduled operating modes and command and control via industry-standard secure protocols
  • Communications Protocols Supported:
    Serial (RS-485)
    Web (HTTP/HTTPS)
    DNP 3.0
  • Applications available:
    Demand Charge Reduction
    Peak Shaving
    Load Limiting
    Current Limiting
    Frequency Response
    Frequency Regulation
    Volt/VAR Support
    Renewable Ramp Rate Management

Pre-Engineered Environmental Control

  • Mechanical system optimization and serviceability maximizes overall system life and availability.
  • All configurations come in outdoor-rated, NEMA4/IP65 enclosures
  • DSS pre-engineered systems leverage NEC Energy’s years of experience developing systems used in harsh environments around the world
  • Three different size enclosures to choose from
  • Ambient operational range from -25°C to +50°C with optional cold weather package available

Robust Safety

  • System safety can never be compromised, and DSS systems use the same multi-level safety approach — at the cell, module, rack, and system level — for which NEC Energy Solutions is known.
  • Onboard integrated fire suppression available

Installation Simplicity

  • DSS systems are designed for fast, straightforward installation by typical commercial electrical contractors.
  • Convenient utility interface cabinet simplifies electrical installation and maintenance
  • Integrated top-lift (crane) and bottom-lift (forklift) points for convenient handling and positioning of enclosures
  • Power and communications connections are conventional and common to standard industrial grade facility products.
  • Most installation hardware provided as part of equipment package

DSS® Applications

For C&I Customers

Energy Cost Optimization Energy Resiliency
  • Demand charge management
  • Enhanced demand response
  • Time-of-use electricity rate management
  • PV integration
  • Back-up power
  • Power quality assurance

For Distribution Utilities

Efficient Utilization Distributed Asset Control
  • Local congestion relief at substations and feeders
  • Voltage/VAR support
  • Ancillary services
  • Dispatch-ability of C&I load and distributed generation

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