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The Battery Storage System Unlike Any Other.

The body of our energy storage solutions is the battery storage system field-proven over 10+ years and tempered by 4 generations of design improvements. Our battery storage system isn’t like any other. It is driven by our proprietary battery management system with a host of safety and performance protocols all managed by our proprietary AEROS® software platform. And it can be packaged in purpose-designed and built, ISO compliant containers, custom enclosures, or installed inside pre-existing or new construction buildings depending on your need.

With a 120 year old, Fortune 500 corporation behind you, NEC has your back when it comes to our warranty and guaranties making our hardware more dependable all backed by NEC.

NEC’s battery storage system is based on modular rack-integrated energy storage racks, which serve as the building blocks for easily configurable energy storage systems that meet application-specific requirements.


20′ Container


40′ Container


53′ Container

Configurable and Customizable

  • Flexible energy storage rack options for desired power and energy
  • Leading power and energy density
  • Power density up to 219 kW/m2 (20 kW/ft2)
  • Energy density up to 121 kWh/m2 (11 kWh/ft2)
  • Leverage standard container sizes or customized enclosures

Low Risk

  • Fully engineered systems eliminates onsite assembly risks, for fast system installation and commissioning


  • Full system safety certification (e.g. UL 9540), assures all project stakeholders (ex: financers, AHJ’s, local community)
  • Multi-layer monitoring and protection prevents hazardous operation
  • Fire suppression and containment for added protection


  • System design informed by years of operational experience
  • Up-time enhanced with service-ability features (ex: rack equalization) enabling in-operation servicing
  • System monitoring allows identification of issues before operational impact

Fully functional, GBS® Grid Battery Storage Zone Subsystems are made up of energy storage, controls, and protection equipment, and can be housed in buildings or custom sized enclosures like the 50MW system shown here in Jardelund, Germany or ISO compliant containers.

All NEC energy storage systems come as part of the GSS Grid Storage solution including zone level touch screen control interfaces, and an integrated fire prevention, detection and suppression system.

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