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Safety & Reliability

Safety and Reliability Are Priority One.

System integration is essential to improved energy storage safety, the soul of our offering. As the industry leader in energy storage safety, our tested and certified multi-layer safety systems are second to none. Through extensive engineering, simulation, testing and analysis, our systems are designed and built with multiple layers of protections from failures and unsafe conditions. That makes your NEC energy storage solution the safest, most reliable in the business.

UL 9540

NEC ES’ GSS grid energy storage platform has been tested and certified by TUV to UL 9540 Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment, the preeminent safety standard covering stationary energy storage systems in the industry today.

Fire Protection

NEC ES has completed large-scale fire testing for its latest generation GSS energy storage products at UL’s test laboratories in Northbrook, IL under the UL 9540A guidelines for evaluating battery thermal runaway and fire propagation, and has proven the effectiveness of its two-part fire suppression system using both clean agent and water in case of thermal runaway.

Ground Fault Protection

NEC ES designs coordinated battery/PCS ground fault protection into all of its systems, preventing uncontrolled current flow or short-circuits which can cause hazardous conditions.

Explosion Protection

NEC ES has designed comprehensive explosion protection features specific to the lithium ion chemistry, available on all GSS grid storage solution battery enclosures, whether containerized or building-based.

Functional Safety

The NEC ES-designed battery management system (BMS) prevents batteries from becoming unsafe, and is one of the first to be certified to Safety Integrity Level 2 under the IEC 61508 Functional Safety Standard which is the generic standard that the nuclear, machinery and process sectors developed their own specific standards from.

Trusted in NYC

NEC ES has installed or is currently installing over 20 MWh of its GSS energy storage platform in the NYC area now, and is well underway to achieving all the necessary permits and approvals from the NYC fire department and NYC department of buildings to install lithium ion batteries in one of the most urban built environments in the world.

Industry Leader

NEC ES is committed to industry safety and is sharing its best practices and recommendations publicly through industry working groups, and is heavily involved in standards development activities with standards organizations like UL and NFPA.


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